The 7 Strategies Successful People Use To Stay Successful

The 7 Strategies Successful People Use To Stay Successful

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After years of studying successful people, working with them and being mentored by them, I would like to share with you what I have learned as the 7 strategies that successful people use to stay successful.

Strategy #1. Successful people plan their goals and accomplishments in 12-week intervals: This strategy ensures they hit new milestones, accomplish meaningful goals, or even launch a new business every 12 weeks. This also helps to work within a timeline, learn practical project management (which is essential for success), and to feel motivated and excited to work throughout the year.

Strategy #2. Successful people work on multiple projects within a given 12-week period: This strategy helps to have something exciting to look forward to throughout the year. Without constant excitement throughout the year, the mind loses inspiration and lacks the motivation to commit to goals.

Strategy #3. Successful people reward themselves after a great accomplishment: When successful people accomplish something monumental, they reward themselves with either time off work, a vacation, or buy something nice. This motivational strategy helps to feel inspired to pursue the next achievement.

Strategy #4. Successful people use the 80/20 rule: Although successful people work on multiple projects in a 12-week interval, they still assign 80% of their time to the most pressing task..

Strategy #5. Successful people tackle the most challenging task immediately and the less demanding task later: When you put off a difficult task, you start dreading it, and you eventually succumb to procrastination.

Strategy #6. Successful people account for every hour of their working day: Each day they divide their time and stick to accomplishing defined goals during each allotted timeline. This strategy helps to avoid spending countless hours on non-essential tasks, such as crafting the perfect complaint letter to the manager of your utility company when you have a looming deadline.

Strategy #7. Successful people focus on progress, not perfectionSuccessful people understand that striving for perfection is why many succumb to procrastination. And procrastination is a hindrance to success. When you strive for perfection, you become insecure with your work, eventually get frustrated, succumb to procrastination, and quit. Better to aim for little progress every day toward completing your goal (no matter how minor the progress might be) than to hold out for perfection.


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