The 4 Essential Qualities That Will Turn You Into A Great Leader

The 4 Essential Qualities That Will Turn You Into A Great Leader

The 4 Essential Qualities Of A Great Leader

No one is born with good leadership qualities. A great leader usually masters the qualities of good leadership from a leader before them. Whether it was from their parents during childhood, teachers during formative years, or by being mentored by other great leaders, but all great leaders learn the qualities of good leadership somewhere along the way. I want to share with you guys the four essential qualities of a great leader that I recently learned from a teacher who gave a motivational speech at my son’s elementary graduation this past May. I hope this post will be as helpful in your leadership journey as it’s been for mine.

Quality #1. Grit: Grit is the ability to persevere and accomplish your goals no matter the challenges. Great leaders persist and persevere in the face of adversity until they achieve their goals regardless of the obstacles in their path. They focus on the goal, not on the process or its challenges.

Quality #2. Grace: Grace is the ability to lift others and build them up. Not tear them down. Great leaders have the ability to correct instead of criticize, to counsel instead of condemn, to teach instead of tolerate, to be firm instead of feared. Their goal is to build others into great leaders like themselves, not to tear others down or discourage them.

Quality #3. Gratitude: Gratitude is the ability to appreciate and utilize what little you have, not what you lack. Great leaders do the best they can with the little they have instead of complaining or making excuses about what they lack. They simply do more with the little that’s available than they focus on what’s unavailable. Even in the Bible in John 2, we saw Jesus turn water into wine because he basically used whatever was available to produce what was needed. And that’s the perfect definition of gratitude.

Quality #4. Growth: Growth is the ability to learn from your failures and mistakes and grow as a result. While others become weakened or discouraged after significant failure and grave mistakes, great leaders on the other hand grow because of their worst mistakes. They use the experience of their failures to do things better next time, and they become better leaders because of it.


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