7 Tips To Become An Overachiever & Accomplish Your Dream

7 Tips To Become An Overachiever & Accomplish Your Dream

I’ve failed several times when trying to pursue some goals and dreams. Through those failures, I finally figured out what it takes to pursue and accomplish any dream. I want to share these 7 tips that helped me go from merely dreaming about a goal, getting the courage to pursue it, and FINALLY accomplishing it. I hope these tips will be helpful to you as they have been to me.


1. You need to be a proactive person, not a perfectionist:

If you want to accomplish your dream, you have to be proactive and let go of perfectionism. Trying to be perfect in your pursuit creates insecurity, fear, doubt, delay, and procrastination. If you try to be perfect, you’ll be second-guessing every move and end up doubting your ability, talent, and entire dream. When doubt seeps in, you experience fear of leaping forward and succumb to procrastination.


2. You need to work, not whine:

When pursuing your dream, you must avoid complaining. You need to work consistently and keep working no matter the challenge in front of you.  If you focus on working on your dream even in difficult times, you’ll avoid complaining and feeling sorry for yourself when things are not working out. Complaining (and whining) focuses on what’s lacking and therefore stalls progress, while working even in difficult times builds confidence and slowly moves your dream towards the finish line. Dreams are never easy but if you just stay consistent and keep putting in the work every day no matter the challenge, you’ll soon accomplish your goal.


3. You need to be a productive person, not a procrastinator:

When working on your dream, you need to be productive and work with what you have, even when you have limited resources, lack of knowledge, and manpower. Just do your best, use what you have, and allow God to do the rest. And soon enough, you’ll be at the finish line and living your dream life. The motto for accomplishing any dream should always be: “I’ll do what I can with the little I have.


4. Don’t talk about your dream. Just build it quietly:  

You must avoid talking about your dream and focus on building it quietly. When you talk about your vision while working on it, people begin to have expectations of you. And soon, you’ll find yourself explaining to them why it’s taking long, justifying your shortcomings to them, and trying to accomplish your dream to prove something. Keep details of your dream to yourself and keep working until you fulfill it. Then you can talk and brag about it afterward.


5. Don’t make any promises regarding your your dream: 

If you don’t promise anything regarding your dream, you won’t owe anyone an explanation, even when it takes too long to accomplish. The only person you’ll have to worry about letting down is you. It’s hard enough trying to pursue and accomplish your dream without worrying about letting some people down. You must pursue your dream and fulfill it for yourself, not for others even if it’s those you love. 


6. Trust only yourself, your dream and your talent: 

You’re the creator of your masterpiece. So believe in your dream, trust your talent, your judgment and be confident in your work. You’re the only one who needs to approve your work. Don’t listen to naysayers. Set your own bar for what you want your final product to be, and don’t wait for people to approve or qualify your work. People rarely comprehend the vision of someone’s dream until it’s complete. So don’t ask anyone for advise on how to build your dream when they can’t even comprehend your vision yet. I doubt Picasso stopped painting every few hours to ask somebody if they approved of his masterpiece.


 7. Persist In Your Dream, No Matter What:

No matter what happens, persist in pursuing your dream. Even when it seems like your dream might never come true, even when time seems to be running out, stay the course and keep working on it. As long as you’re still well and alive, there’s still time and hope. David persisted and pursued the vision for 14 years before he finally sat on the throne as the king of Israel. Persistence eventually brings prosperity. You got this!


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