50 Romantic Things To Do Before 50 (Part 1)

50 Romantic Things To Do Before 50 (Part 1)

50 Romantic Things To Do Before 50I want to share with you guys my bucket list of the 50 romantic things I want to experience before I’m 50. Let me know your feedback in the comments below, and I would also love to know what’s on your romantic bucket list. Here is part 1 of my list:


# 1. Europe Road Trip: 50 Romantic Things To Do Before 50Take a summer European road trip that begins in the Scottish Highlands, slowly pass through the UK and other European countries like France, Switzerland and Austria, and finally end the road-trip in the vineyards of Tuscany, Italy. The trip would not be complete without visiting some of the vineyards in the Chainti region of Tuscany such as the renowned Antinori Family Vineyard that produces some of best Chianti Classico wine in the region.


# 2. Winter In Vienna:50 Romantic Things To Do Before 50 Spend a week in Vienna, Austria in the winter time: It is often said that Vienna is not just a city. It’s an atmosphere that you carry in your soul forever, or you don’t at all!! The ambience of Vienna is of old Europe, preserved palaces, romance, memorable coffee shops and young couples holding hands in pastry shops. Vienna is of course more beautiful than words can describe, but Vienna in the winter time is a romantic experience of a lifetime. The trip would truly be indulgent with a 7-night stay at the luxurious Hotel Imperial, and dinner on horse carriage in the popular ‘riding dinner.’

# 3. Ski Vacation in Switzerland:  50 Romantic Things To Do Before 50Spend a week in Switzerland’s Ski-In & Ski-Out Hotel: One of those hotel chalets with ski slopes right outside your door. You simply hop out of bed and onto the slopes without the fuss of going up the mountain in a gondola lift. And from the slopes you ski right back to your hotel door. During downtime, you enjoy a lovely romantic meal overlooking the Swiss alps. Swiss Ski-in Ski-out hotels are priced to be an acquired taste and for special occasions. And when that special occasion calls, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel would be the perfect hotel to enjoy this experience.


# 4. Amalfi Coast Road Trip: 50 Romantic Things To Do Before 50Drive down Amalfi Coast in a classic convertible like in classic romantic movies, and patiently pass through the beautiful coastal towns of Sorento, Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, Maiori and Minori. The Amalfi Coast experience would truly be an amazing intimate experience to stay in a small country house inn like Villa Santa Maria, Villa Rina Country House, or Hotel Aurora, than in a large fancy hotel.

# 5. A Week In Tahiti, French Polynesia:
50 Romantic Things To Do Before 50Spend a week in an over-water bungalow in Tahiti  (Tahiti is the bigger but less known French Polynesian island close to Bora Bora) surrounded by mostly water, serenity and the beautiful sound of silence. The Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora has amazing options for over-water bungalows both in Tahiti and Bora Bora.


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