5 Tips To Beat Procrastination & Accomplish Any Goal

5 Tips To Beat Procrastination & Accomplish Any Goal

How To Beat Procrastination & Accomplish Any Task

Procrastination is a mental loop that traps you in a cycle of putting off tasks and not pursuing your goals. Although it’s usually challenging to beat procrastination once you fall into its mental loop, it’s not impossible to get rid off. So here are 5 quick tips to help you beat procrastination.

1. Strive for progress, not perfection: The theme of beating procrastination is progress, not perfection. Perfection creates fear of moving forward which is exactly what procrastination is. When you look at procrastination, it is a mental paralysis that thrives in an environment of inaction. Where there is inaction, there is definitely procrastination. If procrastination is a mental paralysis that keeps you from acting, that means when you act, no matter how minor that action is, you begin to disarm the stronghold of procrastination.

 2. Start where you are and use what you have: Start anywhere and anyhow. Start with the little you have. If you can’t start with the little you have then you’ll always have an excuse even when you have what you need. Starting with the little you have is what differentiates the doers from the delayers. Doers just do it whether it’s perfect or not. Delayers have all sorts of delaying tactics of why they can’t start. Starting with the little you have is 10 times more productive than waiting for the perfect day when you have the perfect supplies.

3. Focus on accomplishing one important task per day: Procrastinators are usually overwhelmed by long to-do lists. They avoid getting started on tasks because they feel overwhelmed by the number of things on a long to-do list.  If you’re a procrastinator, it’s essential to focus on accomplishing only one important daily task. Focusing on one important daily task helps to avoid getting overwhelmed, quitting or delaying the work. After you master the discipline of accomplishing one important task each day, you can add two more daily tasks and work your way up by adding more goals as you grow in discipline.

4. Be Decisive When Working On A Task: When you need to make a decision, make a decision quickly and move forward even if the decision is ultimately the wrong one. Many people who procrastinate are simply afraid of making the wrong decision when trying to accomplish a task, so they end up not deciding at all, which stalls the progress of the goal. If you make the wrong decision, guess what? You haven’t invested billions of dollars in your task yet, so you can always change the decision later. But you won’t know if the decision was wrong or right if you don’t make any decisions at all.

5. Be Patient With Progress. Failing to have patience while working is why many people procrastinate and eventually quit. Mastering the discipline of accomplishing your daily tasks requires patience, commitment, and consistency over a long period, even when you don’t see progress. It’s unrealistic to think you’ll wake up one day and suddenly beat excessive procrastination and become an overachiever without the patience to put in the work over a long period. Even successful athletes and billionaires learned the discipline to become successful after many years of repeating the same routine over and over. Interestingly, when you repeat the same routine over many months or years, your mind begins to release itself from the mental loop of procrastination and failure, and aligning with discipline and success.


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