10 Motivational Things I Believe In

10 Motivational Things I Believe In

10 Motivational Things I Believe In

Today being July 4th, a day that many people revisit what they believe in, I also want to share 10 motivational things I believe in. These 10 things certainly have nothing to do with patriotism pertaining to July 4th, but I wanted to share them with you guys anyway, and hopefully inspire something along the way who needs a little motivation today. So here are the 10 things I believe in:

# 1. I believe great food happens when you take a recipe and make it your own by adding your favorite ingredients.

# 2. I believe that being stylish is not about having a large budget or owning designer clothes, but it’s about infusing your unique personality and unique sense of style into the clothes you already have.

# 3. I’m a firm believer that every person was born to accomplish something important and purposeful on earth. Whether that purpose is to be a mom, teacher, chef, doctor, carpenter, actress or pastor, it’s still important.

# 4. I believe that when you decide to become who you were born to be, everything will fall into place. And doors will be opened for you where there were only walls. Opportunities will begin to fall into your lap, and the right people with the right connections will be drawn to you.

# 5. I believe that personal development happens when you become serious about what you want out of life, and you go for it with a clear vision, discipline, commitment and practical execution.

# 6. I believe that when two lovers get lost on the streets of Paris, without an itinerary, translator, time restraint nor a care in the world, that’s the perfect definition of a romantic date.

# 7. I’m 100% confident that Isaiah 34:16 promises that everyone has a soulmate even if you haven’t met yours yet. He or she is still out there wondering if you also exist. So, don’t give up on your soulmate. Don’t give up on true love!

# 8. I believe Matthew 6:21 proves that if you follow the dream in your heart and pursue it wholeheartedly, it will lead you into the abundant life you were born to live: the life of the hopes and dreams you hold dear to your heart.

# 9. I believe that the best time to pursue your dreams is when you’re down on your luck and have nothing to your name. Because when you have nothing then there’s nothing holding you back. When you have nothing holding you back, then you have nothing to lose. Let’s go!

# 10. I believe that procrastination is the number one reason dreams are never get accomplished, and procrastination manifests as fear of pursuing your dreams, poor time management, limiting beliefs, negative thinking patterns, low self-confidence, self-doubt, putting off work, etc. When you defeat procrastination, you’ll be unstoppable.


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